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OZ UFO Conference 2020

2020 Conference

Mysteries of the Universe Conference 2020

May 15-16, 2020

Ararat Shrine Temple

5100 Ararat Dr.

Kansas City, Missouri



Underwater UFOs at the Great Lakes

Unexplained Phenomena


Board Camp Crystal Mine

The Fast Movers and how to get photos of them!

The Kansas City Lights Cover-Up

Alien Healing

Telepathic Communication with ETs

and more!

With top speakers!

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Sponsored by OZ UFO, Missouri MUFON, and Un-X Media

UFO/UAP Recent Evidence


Conference - UFO/Paranormal: There is no question that UFOs are real - hear from top experts in the field and hear from abudction witnesses!

Unexplained Phenomena


Hear about some of the strangest Paranormal encounters by top researchers and witnesses including events at the Board Camp Crystal Mine in Arkansas, Sasquatch sightings, and much more!

And More!


Interdimensional Connections

Hear about how we communicate telepathically with interdimensional beings and how they can affect our lives, and why they are here to assist us.